About 1215 Day Trading

Welcome to 1215 Day Trading!
My name is Josh Dennis, founder of 1215 Day Trading, and I am a day trader who trades small cap stocks. I’ve been involved with stock trading since 2013 and learned through trial and error. If I were to do it all over again, I would have found a mentor to teach me from the beginning. It would have saved me thousands of dollars in losses, years of analyzing, development and stress. After lots of failures, I wanted to quit on multiple occasions but I continued to analyze and develop myself as a trader. It wasn’t easy but all the hard work eventually paid off. That’s why I created 1215 Day Trading. I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with others so it makes the learning process shorter and less stressful. I love teaching and building a community around people that have a passion for trading as much as I do. I’ve always wanted to create something I could call my own and dedicate it to my father Charles Dennis. Before I was born, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and confined to a wheelchair when I was 4. My father was a very hard worker before he got sick and even though he wasn’t able to teach me all the things a healthy father could, the one thing I learned from him was to face life head on no matter how tough things get or what life throws at me. Before things got worse for my dad, he was able to purchase and fix a house for my mom and me to live in which holds so many great memories of my dad. 1215 is the street address of that house. Hearing 1215 reminds me of the good years I had with my father but it also reminds me of the amazing perseverance and work ethic he had even when things were most difficult for him. Thinking of that has always encouraged me to have strong perseverance and work ethic as well. I hope that story can inspire you to keep pushing on no matter how hard things get because success won’t come without any difficulties or failures. Those who succeed are the ones that have the perseverance and willpower to keep going despite any obstacle in their way. I hope the information I share can help you on your journey to financial success. If you have any questions or would like to chat, you can contact me on any one of the 1215 Day Trading social media pages found below.

Thank you and I wish you the best!
-Josh Dennis