The year 2023 marked another remarkable period for the 1215 Day Trading Chatroom, reaffirming our position as one of the select few services consistently delivering profitable trade alerts.

Since 1215 Day Trading launched in 2020, we have recorded every single trade that was taken in the chatroom. Win or lose. Not many other chatrooms do this as they only showcase the wins.

We value transparency as we want to show our methods are proven to be profitable. Allow me to present to you the results of every trade taken collectively as a team within the chatroom and how much you could have made had you taken every trade for the year of 2023.

Together, members and I traded a strategy that saw a minimum of 358% in potential returns. This implies that if you were to execute each trade signaled in the chatroom according to plan, you could have had the potential to more than triple your trading account.

But that’s if you had thrown your entire account into each trade, which I highly recommend NOT doing.

Instead, I recommend risking a specified dollar amount for each trade. With every trade discussed, I showcase the results based on a hypothetical $100 risk per trade. By adhering precisely to the suggested entry, target, and stop prices, coupled with accurate position size calculations, a trader could have realized a minimum of $4,464.

And this is with a $100 risk—multiply that by 5, and the potential skyrockets to $22,500.

These figures represent the minimum return a trader could make if they chose to exit at our minimum suggested target price, but the potential to make more is far greater.

Our approach is to only trade stocks that have the most reward potential as that’s the only way to have your winners offset your losers. That is why it’s quite common for our picks to rise triple digit percentage points in a single day.

Had the trader decided to hold the position past our suggested minimum targets and sell at the high of day every time risking $100 on every trade, they would have made over $43,000! Now of course, you won’t sell at the top every time but at least you get the idea of the potential that is there.


Members who diligently played all the stocks mentioned in the chatroom should have witnessed profits ranging from $4,464 to $43,565 when risking $100 per trade. If 2023 was a negative year for you, it may be attributed to not adhering to the rules, incorporating untested strategies not part of the 1215 system, or not participating in all recommended plays.

Although following the rules and suggestions may seem straightforward, executing them in practice may be challenging. That’s why, the chatroom is designed to try to guide members through each trade, step by step, from start to finish. With the lead of an experienced trader, it can help alleviate uncertainties and enable adherence to a well-defined plan.

So sign up today and join the 1215 Day Trading Team!