In order to achieve success in the stock market, having a trading plan is essential. However, if you miss your entry, it can be a frustrating experience.

If the stock moves too quickly for you to get in, you may end up continuously increasing your buy limit price in an attempt to catch a piece of the move. Unfortunately, this can result in you buying at the top of the market, and when the stock reverses, you panic, sell for a loss, and feel frustrated. Although missing an entry can be frustrating, it is better than chasing the stock and taking a loss.

If you miss your planned entry, you should reassess the situation and determine whether it is still worth investing in the stock.

For instance, if you had read todays premarket trading plan and wanted to buy TRKA but the stock was trading at our max target of $0.4277 without you, then you have missed your chance.

You should not chase the stock, especially when it’s near a max potential level. Instead, you should wait for the stock to fall back down towards strong support levels and see if it’s still a viable option for investment. If not, accept it as a missed trade and move on to the next potential play. I promise you, there will be thousands of other opportunities throughout your trading career.

Remember, trading requires flexibility and adaptability to what the market, charts, and indicators are showing you. Therefore, it is important to stay informed of market developments and constantly adjust to changes. By having a well-planned trading strategy and being willing to reassess and adapt, you can increase your chances of success in the stock market.