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But first, I’m going to be 100% honest with you…. Trading successfully is difficult. It’s easy to make a winning trade or have a profitable month but to do it consistently over many years is what only a small percentage of people can achieve. In order to be successful, you have to overcome the common problems most traders face and I’m here to do my best to help solve those problems for you.

– Josh Dennis, 10 Year Stock Trading Pro

The Problems most traders face

Can't find predictable moving stocks

There are over 17,000 stocks to trade in the market but only a handful will move in a highly predictable way. By finding these stocks ahead of time, you will be able to make a game-plan on how to trade these in the most effective way.

More losing trades than winning trades

This happens because traders are not entering at the right times. By recognizing when it’s a good time versus a risky time to enter, you can increase your win rate to have more winners than losers.

Loses are bigger than rewards

This happens because traders fail to realize a stocks full potential. By recognizing high odd price targets ahead of time, this will allow you to hold your positions for greater rewards making your average winning trade bigger than your average losing trade.

Can't control emotions

Controlling emotions is the most difficult part of trading. This can be solved by having a plan you can trust. By following the rules of a plan that is designed to have more wins than losses with each win bigger than each loss, all you have to do is focus on staying patient and stick to the plan!


The solution

High Odd Trading Plans

I spent years searching which stocks had the characteristics to give me more big wins. Through my research, I’ve come up with a system that has proven to produce consistent profits since 2020. This system is part of the trading plans I share everyday with my students.  It’s the ultimate, “step by step” guide that helps traders identify predictable stocks and the best time to trade them for low-risk high reward opportunities. By using the plans as a guide, you can learn how to eliminate bad trades and emotional trading.

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What makes 1215 different?



Being transparent is of the utmost importance as it’s the only way for students to know if the information that’s being presented actually works. 1215 is one of the very few stock alert services that tracks and records every trade recommendation that’s given.


careful approach

I take a very careful, methodical and calculated approach to make sure I always put the odds in my favor. All stock picks are based on historical probabilities and price movement tendencies which have shown to provide an edge over the years I’ve traded them.



You won’t find any fast pace or complicated trading here. I’ve found that the simpler you make it, the better the results. My style is simple, “Buy when the stock is at its lowest risk point and sell at its maximum reward potential. One and done is what I like to call it.”


quality mentorship

I have a passion for teaching as nothing gives me greater joy than improving the life of someone just by sharing my knowledge. I try my best to provide as much guidance as possible by explaining why I enter into particular trades and why I pass on others. I answer every single question with detailed answers so that it smooths out the learning curve in this difficult path of becoming a successful day trader.


What Our Students Say

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Frequently Asked

how accurate are the daily trading plans?
Stocks that trigger the suggested entry method have a 60% – 80% success rate at hitting the suggested minimum target. You can view the results of all trading plans HERE
What type of strategies are used in the trading plans?
Every trading plan is based on a breakout style strategy for longs or a breakdown strategy for shorts. Through extensive research and testing, this seems to be the most effective strategy for small cap stocks. Once targets have been met on each play, the stock should no longer be traded and it’s time to move on to the next potential play.
How many stocks will I receive trading plans for each day?
The trading plans follow a specific strategy which is the reason for the higher success rate. The market conditions for that day will determine how many stocks meet the criteria for the strategy. On average, we’ll see about 10 – 30 stocks trigger an entry per month but every day is different.
how do I receive the trading plans?
In order to receive the trading plans, you will need to remember to log in to the course around the time they are posted (9am est). Once logged in, scroll down to the section called ” Daily Trading Plans” and click on the trading plan for the current day. Any new developing plans will be mentioned in the live chatroom throughout the day. The trading plans will not be sent to your email or phone.